A Hundred Kilometers . . . . and 24 Hours . . !!!

July 11, 2001

Here is another interesting of my adventures. Guess what? Yes, my car gave up as we were on our way to B’lore. Stranded in the middle of nowhere I had to spend the night in the car. The day began with a puncher, but that was just a minor one that we had got rid of even before we could begin our journey. It has been raining cats & dogs out here. The roads are too bad for a drive. But I thought that it would be wise enough to get out of the jungles before it gets too late and the rains hold us there. It was a wrong calculation!

After driving through all possible roads to get to the National Highway we managed to only travel 60 kms in 5 hours. Traveled through all the possible river floods and swirling waters. The currents were dangerous though. All rivers were flooded and the water currents were scaring. The waters had gone up by 5ft. We managed to get through all the possible hurdles and now its time to cross the ultimate one after which we could sail our way through to B’lore. We almost did it. Unfortunately the word "almost" makes a difference! The waters we had to cross was about knee height and for about 400 m. We got through it but for the last 4-5 m. It so happened that some children were playing by the road side and so my driver had to slow down in the end. That was an excuse enough for the vehicle to stop …….. and never to start again.

We tried a lot but in vain. No one could help as well since the place that our vehicle had been stranded was in a valley steep on both sides. So pushing the vehicle in up direction was impossible. Of! Coarse one cannot expect me to push the vehicle in the opposite direction back into the waters. Here one realizes what it means when they say in Hindi “AGAY KHAI PEECHE KUWA.” Now the only hope was Manoj, a collegue, who was 100 kms away in Trivandrum. I did have his hotel no since it was the place I stayed once upon a time. He did prove a “MASIHA.” His driver came to our rescue. In the mean time the neighbors helped us. The hospitality that they exhibited was worth a million. Not just tea but they prepared dinner for us. And I should say that it was a blessing in disguise. After having hotel food for so long I had home food. And that too a Non-Veg diet! I shall never forget that family. They were awake till 1:30 am till Manoj’s driver could come to pick us up. I tried to bring some joy to those little children of that family as I let them play some games on my Laptop. They wouldn’t go for dinner but sat down with us in our Sumo. They were excited and asked their Dad to buy one for them. These are one of the wonderful moments of life where we realize that humanity still exists.

My vehicle is now been transported to B’lore in a truck. It seems the engine has been jammed up. I am now once again in Trivandrum with Manoj. There is no work so we can rest for a couple of days.
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